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meet  the artist

Sarah Carmichael is a multifaceted artist and animator. Born and raised 5 minutes from the Everglades, she is a proud Florida Woman, and does her best to live up to the lofty title. 


Sarah has been working within the arts and animation field for over 8 years. She’s worked on a variety of productions and in a variety of roles, focusing mainly on 2D Animation in its many forms. From storyboarding to compositing, she’s dabbled in every part of the animation pipeline, but her true passion lies in character animation and cleanup. She believes the future of the animation industry is Indie, and avidly seeks out indie productions to lend her talents to. She has worked both in office and remotely for several years, and can switch seamlessly between the two. She owns and runs her own business, Astral Chicken Animation LLC, through which she helps bring client’s dreams to life. Her dream is to one day run her business full time. 


Sarah graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in May of 2015. During her time there she focused her studies on 2D Animation and its many facets, including effects animation and character design. She studied under several professionals of merit, whose credits included industry giants such as Disney and Dreamworks. In the years since her graduation, she has pursued outside study within the fields of illustration, graphic design, and motion graphics. She has a great thirst for knowledge and delights in learning new programs and techniques on the fly. She is an artist who thrives under pressure and is always searching for new ways to improve.


In her free time, Sarah enjoys hiking with her dog and spending time in the natural world. Commonly referred to as a “real life Disney Princess” by her friends, she can frequently be found bonding with and caring for wild animals, and welcomes special needs pets into her home with open arms. When she’s not deep in the swamp communing with Skunk Ape, she can be found reading, gaming, practicing taxidermy, playing tabletop, watching horror movies, attending theme parks, and spending time with her family and friends.


If you’re interested in hiring Sarah for your production or would like to take advantage of her many freelance services, feel free to reach out!

About the studio

Astral Chicken Animation is an official independent business licensed in the state of Florida. Established in January 2023, it’s still a fledgling business, but these little chickens are ready to grow! 


The name started as a gamer tag and inside joke between Sarah and her friends. An avid fan of the Mass Effect series, the name is inspired by her favorite character, Garrus Vakarian, whom she affectionately referred to as a space chicken. When trying to think of a new gamer tag under a specific character limit, the nickname came to mind, and from there the rest is history!


Astral Chicken Animation is independently owned and run by Sarah Carmichael.

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