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Sarah Carmichael

Sarah is a multifaceted artist and animator who has been working professionally for over 8 years. She specializes in 2D Animation, Clean Up, Cut-Out Animation, and Illustration. A passionate and driven creator who is always on the hunt for a new production to be a part of. A quick learner who thrives in a fast paced environment, she is the perfect addition to any team!

Professional Experience

Lastinger Center for Learning - University of Florida

Animation Specialist

March 2024 - Present

Gainesville, Florida

  • Animated text and graphical assets for various educational videos

  • Lead animator of Spanish language video modules

  • Helped improve production pipeline of videos, using previous entertainment industry knowledge

  • Collaborated with a small team of animators, editors, and videographers to create new products

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Digital Media Specialist

July 2023 - March 2024

Gainesville, Florida

  • Lead webmaster of the FDACS catalog of websites, responsible for implementing all edits and additions

  • Worked closely with the State of Florida’s web services department to ensure all website information was properly displayed and implemented

  • Coordinated with scientists and department heads across the state to ensure the most up-to-date research and best practices were  displayed on our websites and PDFs 

  • Currently spearheading a rebranding initiative for an international conservation project, responsible for creating all illustrated materials

Spindlehorse Toons

Cleanup Artist

January 2021 - Present


  • Responsible for cleaning up rough animation, ensuring characters remain on model for the duration of a shot

  • Reanimated assets that changed throughout production

  •  Animated fine details such as clothing patterns and freckles during the cleanup process

  • Rendered, organized, and packaged files for compositing, adhering to strict naming conventions

Astral Chicken Animation LLC

Freelance Artist - Business Owner

October 2019 - Present


  • Animated client logos for use in online marketing

  • Drafted storyboards for client videos, adding revisions as need

  • Designed signage for use by local businesses

  • Created illustrated works featuring clients’ personal characters

  • Responsible for website design and social media presence of the brand

  • Performed clerical duties such as filing tax forms and adhering to client deadlines

Apartment D

Character Animator

October 2023


  • Animated character puppets in After Effects, closely following storyboard, animatic, and director's notes

  • Maintained a limited but polished animation style for all characters

  • Animated cameras and parallax to create 2.5D effect throughout short

  • Provided animation revisions on various shots throughout video, including personal and crew members shots

The Meet Group

Freelance Animator/Designer

February 2022 - April 2023


  • Used After Effects to create digital animated stickers for use in proprietary dating apps and streaming software

  • Drafted multiple unique concepts, assets, and storyboards for each sticker assignment 

  • Responsible for working on stickers from concept to completion, from sketches to final exports and sound mixing.

  • Worked with a variety of different file types to ensure proper display of stickers on mobile platforms, such as Lottie and JSON

  • Packaged assets for integration and use across mobile apps, ensuring final product was below 1MB

Apartment D

Character Animator

September 2022 - October 2022


  • Assisted in the completion of two Jurassic World music videos within a month's time

  • Animated character puppets in After Effects, closely following storyboard and animatic

  • Adhered to an animation style that emulated each toy's unique movement capabilities

  • Worked closely with compositing artist to align shots and tweak positioning of characters for final renders

  • Provided revisions to shots as needed

Confidential Cartoon Studios

Cleanup Artist

November 2021 - December 2021


  • Lead of line cleanup on an NFT music video for Wagmi

  • Focused on creating clean line art of all character and prop animation 

  • Organized and restructured files in preparation for color and compositing

  • Utilized various animation techniques within Adobe Animate, including symbols, tweens, and puppeting

Mighty Studio

2D Animator

July 2021 - September 2021


  • Character animator on “The Boys Presents: Diabolical; Episode 2”

  • Used Toon Boom Harmony to animate various complex character rigs

  • Created additional rig assets on a shot by shot basis, such as hands and mouth shapes

  • Implemented animation revisions in a timely manner

  • Conversed with international team, frequently switching between English and Spanish.

Apartment D

Character Rigger and Animator

June 2021 - August 2021


  • Animated various character puppets, closely following storyboard and animatic

  • Ensured all animations emulated each doll's real life movement capabilities, while also adding exaggeration when needed

  • Created quadruped walk, run, and dance cycles for use throughout project.

  • Provided rig edits and stress testing throughout project 

  • Used the DUIK Bassel plugin to create character rigs


Motion Graphics Artist

June 2017 - July 2021

Gainesville, Florida; Coppell, Texas

  • Created appealing Motion Graphics, UI Animation, Character Animation, Logo Animation, Explainer Videos, and Illustration to enhance Optym's diverse software catalog

  • Networked with software developers to ensure video content properly portrayed software features

  • Assisted in company wide rebranding, including rigging a new flight of characters for Optym's explainer videos

  • Collaborated with graphic designers to create various 2D assets

  • Lead the previsualization of countless videos by creating storyboards and animatics

  • Coordinated with Videographer to catalog, stabilize, and color correct footage

  • Marketing team was the recipient of several regional Gold and Silver Addy Awards

UF Digital Worlds Institute

2D Animator

January 2016 - May 2017

Gainesville, Florida

  • Used Toon Boom Harmony to animate character puppets for an interactive video about climate change and the human impact.

  • Created seamless cycle transitions for maximum appeal within the limited art style 

  • Animated Spanish and English assets for the Early Learning Florida educational initiative

  • Applied internal and client revisions to countless videos in a timely fashion

  • Performed compositing, sound mixing, and video editing in preparation for final render 

  • Assisted in minor translation and copy edits throughout the Early Learning Florida project, ensuring a 1:1 recreation.


Savannah College of Art and Design

September 2011 - May 2023

Cum Laude

Dean's List Recipient 

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Animation

  • Received instruction in both 2D and 3D animation from various industry professionals

  • Areas of interest during enrollment included quadruped animation, 2D production, character design, effects animation, storyboarding, and character animation.





  • Toon Boom Harmony

  • After Effects

  • Premiere

  • Animate

  • Illustrator 

  • Photoshop

  • InDesign

  • StoryboardPro

  • Spine

  • C4D

  • Maya

  • Microsoft Office

  • Mac/PC

  • Discord

  • Slack

  • Teams

  • Wordpress

  • Wix

  • Smartsheet

  • Sharepoint

  • Google Suite

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • DuIK Bassel/Angela

  • Body Movin

  • Lottie/JSON

  • Joysticks and Sliders

  • Overlord

  • Ease and Wizz

  • Mr. Horse


English - Native Proficiency

Spanish - Native Proficiency



  • Part of the crew of Hazbin Hotel, which had one of the biggest series premieres in the history of Amazon Prime.  Series and all episodes trended in the Top 10 Worldwide on Amazon and Spotify for several weeks.

  • Helluva Boss was nominated for a Queerty award for Best Web Series.


  • Part of the crew of Helluva Boss, which was awarded a Streamy Award for Best Animated Series

  • Helluva Boss released S1EP8, a collaboration with famous pop singer Ke$ha

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