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Freelance Services

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Got a project you need a little help with? An idea for an ad or video you can't quite put to paper? Do you need to supplement your existing design team with an experienced freelancer? Want to support a small LGBTQ+, woman, minority owned business? Look no further!

Services Offered

Below is a comprehensive menu of all the freelance services I provide. If there is anything you don't see listed but are interested in, feel free to reach out! If I can't do it, I most likely know people who can and would be happy to refer you to them.

I am open to full-time, contract, and short term freelance. Please contact me for rates.

If you are interested in private commissions, feel free to use the form below or reach out to me on socials!


 Traditional Animation

I draw your characters by hand with my Cintiq!


UI Animation

I make your button and menu animation unique and eye catching!


Video Editing

I take your footage, make it pretty, and make you a flashy video!


Character Design

I take your character description + idea and bring it to life!


Cleanup Animation

I take your rough animation and make it sparkly and pretty!


Motion Graphics

I take your logos, graphics, and typography and make them dance!



I take your script and make it visual and easy to follow!

Artboard 1.png

Graphic Design

I make you logos, signs, brand kits, and more!


Cut-Out ANimation

I take your puppets and make them move!


Explainer Videos

I take your abstract concept and turn it into an easy to follow video!



I draw you one or more pretty pictures!

Logo for spindlehorse toons. skeleton horse curled in fetal position inside a yellow circle with a pink heart in the middle
The Meet Group Logo. Featuring a purple and blue starburst
Apartment D company logo. A yellow comic style letter D on a purple oval.
white letters. logo for 7 ashes productions. featuring a number 7 and letter A
Avian Addiction logo. Features a yellow pearl cockatiel and a red bellied conure in cute cartoon style with cheeks pressed
Optym company logo. A blue chevron facing upper right, and a dark grey chevron facing lower left.
Mighty Animation Studio logo. features orange, lime green, red, purple, and teal lines.
silhouette of a face in a steampunk space helmet. black and white, logo for anacronaut productions

Past Clients

Indie Production Involvement

Logo for animated series hazbin hotel. a black sign with pink lettering and a large key with a heart at  the top.
logo for helluva boss, independent animation. chaotic letters with pentagram, demon horns and tail. blood splatter behind.
black and white striped text. logo for the animated short film submersed.
logo image for Lumi and the Great Big Galaxy animated short. yellow bubble letters on a light blue gradient field
logo for bento banana animated short. features yellow block letters, as well as white japanese kanji as a subscript

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