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Commission Menu

Interested in getting some out of this world custom art? Thinking of getting someone in your life a unique gift? Want your DnD party immortalized in a flashy illustration? Then you're in the right place! Below you'll find a menu full of the tasty treats I have on offer. If there's something you want that I haven't listed, feel free to reach out and ask! I won't bite!

Commission Tiers




A drawing that's still a little rough around the edges! Technicolor lines optional. 




A polished version of your sketch, featuring bold lines and fine details! 


Flat COlor


Line Art with your character's base colors!


Cell Shading


Colored line art with bold highlights and shadows to give your piece that extra OOMF!

Queen Bee

Full Render


A more refined, softer, rendered look for highlights and shading. Line art is optional.

quincey model sheet_edited.jpg

Character Sheet

Have a character in mind but don't know how you want them to look? Want a sona made of yourself? Want a Reference Sheet made for your character? I got you! Give me the deets and I'll make you something sweet!


Available Add-ons


Add a character

Can be added to any commission tier. Please be specific about what kind of interactions you want between characters.


off tier price 

add simple background

Can be added to any commission tier. A simple background or batch of props to help tie a scene together. 



animated commissions

I accept animated commissions on a case by case basis. This can be simple eye blinks, tail twitches, etc., or can be animated stickers/emotes. It all depends on complexity, time needed, and budget. 

Because of how time consuming animation is, at this time I will be charging an hourly rate for these commissions. These can be an add on to an existing illustration, or their own independent project.


Please reach out to me before making an animated order

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