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Private Commission Terms of Service

If you're here, it means you like my cosmic chicken scratch enough to pay Cash! Credits! Bottlecaps! Simoleons! But if you want some custom art from yours truly, you'll need to follow a few rules. Please be sure to review all areas of this TOS before submitting an order form. These rules allow me to provide the best service I possibly can to each commissioner. I know reading rules is no fun, but I promise it will be worth it! Thank you! 

NOTE: If you are an established business, these terms do not apply. Please go to the Freelance tab and request a quote for services there. If you are unsure of where you fall (example: a youtuber or other content creator) please reach out for more information.

general terms

  • The artist retains full and exclusive rights to the artwork. Clients may not claim the work as their own.

  • An artist's watermark and signature will be included on artwork and CANNOT be removed 

  • Finished art pieces may be posted to the artist's portfolio and social media. If the client does not want their commission posted publicly, it must be discussed prior to completion.

  • Artwork may be streamed or recorded for upload on social media, subject to terms above. 

  • All commissioned artwork is non-commercial and is not for redistribution. Client may not use artwork for ad campaigns, merchandise, etc. UNLESS previously discussed with the artist.

  • Art may be reposted by client ONLY with proper credit, such as a link to the artist's webpage

  • Client may not alter artwork without artist's permission, except for use as icon

  • Prices are subject to change based on demand and availability

  • Submission of commission form DOES NOT guarantee commission availability or slot. Please wait for the artist to contact you further.


  • Payment is required within 24 hours of receiving artist's invoice

  • All payments are accepted through PayPal

  • All prices are in USD

  • Pricing subject to change at artist's discretion 

  • All invoices include a PayPal service fee

  • DO NOT send payment before receiving invoice

  • Every invoice has an area to include a tip for the artist. Tipping is optional but always greatly appreciated

  • Sketching phase will not begin until invoice is paid by commissioner

  • Add-ons may be requested midway through commission, but must be paid for immediately

Refunds and Cancelations

  • If commission is cancelled by artist or commissioner before work begins, commissioner will receive a full refund

  • If a commissioner cancels while their commission is in progress, they will receive a partial refund based on how much of the piece is completed

  • No refunds will be given for finished or nearly finished commissions. No exceptions.

  • The artist reserves the right to cancel a commission at any time for any reason

  • If artist cancels a commission due to being unable to complete it, a full refund will be provided

Do's and don'ts

This is a general guideline for things I will and will not draw. If you are unsure about where your request falls on this list, or you do not see it listed here, don't be afraid to ask! That said, I reserve the right to turn down any commission request that makes me uncomfortable or does not align with my values as an artist.

Things I Will Draw

  • Humans

  • Animals

  • Furries

  • Original Characters

  • Fan Art - all fandoms welcome

  • Blood + Gore

  • NSFW (check with me first!)

  • Realism

  • In another artist's style (check with me first!)

  • Pet Portraits

  • Backgrounds

  • Props

  • Complex designs

Things I Will not Draw

  • Underage characters in compromising and/or sexual situations

  • Hateful Content such as transphobia, homophobia, racism, or Nazi imagery 

  • Mechs (check with me first!)

  • Vehicles (check with me first!)

  • Fetish Art (check with me first!)

IMPORTANT: To order NSFW art you MUST be over the age of 18. NO EXCEPTIONS. Anyone found breaking this rule will be blacklisted permanently. 


  • I work best when given as much info about your character as possible. This knowledge allows me to come up with poses and images that match a character's vibe. You don't need to write me a novel, just a detailed summary of who they are.

  • If a specific pose or scenario is requested, I will do my best to match it as closely as possible. 

  • Works In Progress (WIPs) I provide a limited number of WIPS for each commission tier. the higher the tier, the more WIPs. Work will stop until WIP is approved by commissioner

  • Revisions/Edits I provide a limited number of free revisions and edits for each commission tier. Please make sure to give any major revisions during the sketch phase, as this is the best time to fix them. Major revisions will not be made after sketch approval. If further major edits are requested after this point, revision pricing will be discussed.

  • If I make any errors in character design, accessories, etc. that were specified in your references, I will make revisions at no additional cost.

  • If you DO NOT want me to post your commission online, you MUST inform me when you order.

Communication and references

  • Commissions can be discussed via email, DM, or Discord, although email is preferred. Please keep discussion to 1 platform so it's easier for me to keep track of

  • Visual and/or written reference guidelines

    • Commissioner must provide at least 1 clear visual reference of their character. Screenshots from character creators and game engines are acceptable. 

    • Please include a description of character (likes, vibes, etc.) as well as any important info I may need to properly draw them

    • The more references you provide, the better! I want to make sure I get them right!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for showing interest in my art! Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. I promise I won't bite! 

This TOS may be subject to change at any time without notice. Any TOS changes are not retroactively applied to in progress commissions

Version 1.0


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